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Yeah  lets clear things up.

1. What is Mozartskull a person, a thing, a group, a company ?

 Point is i am not sure at this point because, at some point in time mozartskull has been all of those things even though it was mostly me a person.

2. What does Mozartskull have on this site and overall everywhere, wherever and anywhere?

  On the site i share anything i find interesting or anything my group if present find interesting, also wallpapers, Videos , photographs , jokes , memes , games etc made by me or someone else.
In which case i specify if it was mine.  

3. Does Mozartskull promote content ?

 Yes, Mozartskull does in fact promote content also if what you want to promote is clean enough you can become a writer and promote your content using the site, as long as what you post or write makes sense and follows our terms and conditions you can promote as long as you want free of cost.

4. Who is Mozartskull and does it have to do anything with mozart?

     No one knows who he is and no it has got nothing to do with mozart.

5. What does mozartskull do and how much do you make with these ads.

    Mozartskull is a comedian, story writer,game developer, artist and photographer and yes, you can hire. 

Not much like none at all, since this is a hobby site and we try not to spam people. The ads are only there to look cool like really cool. But wouldn't mind making some money.

6. What is TheMAGamez

  TheMAGamez is the official mozartskull gaming area that is 100% Gaming.Check it out i've been told it is quite fun.

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